Absolute Energy Insulation and EECA

Homes with properly installed insulation provide a warm, dry and safe place for New Zealanders to live. This means fewer hospital admissions, fewer school days lost and a better standard of living overall. 

Absolute Energy Insulation is an EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) preferred partner. Our clients can have confidence that we are technically proficient, our products are genuine and that our service is excellent.

If you are a Home Owner or Landlord who has a primary tenant who holds a Community Services Card and your home was built before 2000, you could be eligible for a 50% subsidy.

This funding is limited and currently only available in the Nelson and Marlborough areas on a first in first served basis.  We currently have no funding available for the Tasman area (there may be a small amount of funding available for Tasman in late-spring 2017).

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Post insulation audit

What Landlords need to know

A revised standard, Energy efficiency – Installing bulk thermal insulation in residential buildings, has been published by Standards New Zealand (click here for more info) and provides extended guidelines for insulation installers and building owners on how to do the job effectively.

Having a standard that details how to safely and correctly install that insulation in residential buildings makes it even easier for landlords and property managers to comply with the changes.

All residential rental homes will be required to have insulation to help keep a home warm in winter and cool in summer. Social housing (where tenants pay an income related rent) must be insulated by 1 July 2016 and all other rental homes by 1 July 2019.

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that insulation is installed in the home and that it meets the Residential Tenancies Act requirements.

All landlords are required to provide a statement on new tenancy agreements about the location, type and condition of insulation in the home for any new tenancy from 1 July 2016.

A Completion Certificate is issued for all work undertaken by Absolute Energy Insulation.

As an Insulation Association of NZ Inc member (IAONZ) and EECA preferred partner, Absolute Energy has access to funding for landlord subsidies – please enquire to see if you meet the conditions.

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Insulation for Home Owners and Rental Homes in Marlborough

The Marlborough District Council is offering an energy efficiency funding service to ratepayers for an approved home insulation installation.

For this service Council will provide funding for the cost of an approved home insulation solution which will be recovered over nine years through a targeted homeowner property rate. (The rates recovery amount will also include interest, an administration charge and GST on all costs). Find out more here.

Home Owners and Landlords in Marlborough can consider the following options:

  • Limited subsidies of up to 50% off available now to insulate your home or rental home (conditions apply).
  • Marlborough District Council funding available (conditions apply). Absolute Energy is a Marlborough District Council home insulation service provider.


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